ADHD Mums Discover the Secrets to Banish Burnout NOW

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Easy to implement ADHD life tools from a certified ADHD coach, who has ADHD and is an ADHD mum 5 times over…

Parenting your child is one of the most difficult tasks that you will face in your life. At the same time it is potentially one of the most rewarding tasks that you will ever face.

Parenting your ADHD child is infinitely more challenging. It puts you under massive strain, and it puts your marriage under a huge strain. Having to cover up and explain your ADHD child’s behaviour to your family members is shockingly draining.

Your ADHD child  seems to take the lions share of your attention. Your ADHD childs difficulties makes your home environment chaotic and overwhelming. Your ADHD child can set  themselves and everyone off at a moments notice.

This makes you more on edge.  You never know when things will suddenly escalate out of control. You may be suffering from cumulative stress.

Having to advocate (fight with your school)  for your  ADHD child to get the appropriate help at school can be a full time job. It can be totally exhausting and debilitating.


  • Learn how to make peace with your guilt and get rid of it, as you discover yourself
  • Learn many little-known facts about ADHD in women that will empower you


  • How to create more time to put yourself first without compromising on your family and work commitments
  • Learn how to support yourself through easy-to-implement coping strategies
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