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Advanced Ethical Hacking: Network & Web application Penetration Testing – part I

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Become a High-level PenTester in CyberSecurity. Network & Web application Penetration Testing. Learn how to ethically hack, then increase the security level of what you have hacked.

This course is all about Ethical Hacking and Security, which needs some Professional tools to proceed with, such as burpsuite_Pro for example.

  • This course covers syllabus of CEH v10 Certified Ethical Hacker version 10, mainly the Network activities, and some frequent web application vulnerabilities. Course has been designed in a way so that any novice, (from Zero level) to the advanced level of people in cyber security field can easily understand and can be well benefited. As it is a step by step process, from zero to high level, we encourage you to try to understand exclusively the part one; then after, jump into the next parts to get what you need to know about cryptology, network establishment, firewall, hacking, eavesdrop, empower the security, etc…(as if you were sitting in a Master and PhD cryptology classroom).Therefore, after completing our courses (parts 1 to 4), you will meet with the most used encryption techniques, methods used to mitigate the probability of being hacked by Black Hat hackers.:The most recent ways of hacking into a wireless network, no matter what protocols the Wifi was set with by its administrator. Furthermore, no matter how strong the Wifi password is, so that we dupe someones network. We explain the reasons behind the scene of such attacks. Exploitation of the existed holes that the most used Operating Systems contain, such as (Linux based, Windows, Mac OS, Android)
  • We deeply explain why RSA is that so strong and why it is highly used in real life cybersecurity, as well as AES encryption.
  • Most Well known Encrypting Algorithms, such as ElGamal, RSA, Diffie Hellman, and so on forth (Encryption and Decryption steps) are well described. It is crucial for cybersecurity engineers in Master and in PhD classes.
  • Note:
    In this course, we supply to you not only videos for the practice, but also we provide a light text file for each part of the tutorial which is exclusively self-explanatory (a step by step process) so that we make it easier to learn according to the obligations that you might face while you want to continue with your practice.
  • Example of a situation: you might need to continue with your tutorial where you are at a specific place, and do not want to disturb anybody while you forgot your earphone/headphone.


  • Good establishment of the tools for the testing, set up labs, finding vulnerabilities
  • Detecting vulnerabilities, Exploitation


  • Ethical hacking, penetration testing, cybersecurity.
  • Detecting vulnerabilities, Exploitation
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