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Android-Nethunter ethical hacking course

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Android Hacking with Kali Linux

This course majorly aims on cybersecuirity ,before people had to own a laptop or they have to grant their mobile a root acess as well as to install custom ROMSs for perorming these kind of activities.

Also these thing were to expensive,so here we are with an ethical hacking course which you can perform without rooting your android device ensuring your device safety as well as teaching you virtual anonymous-ness.

We worked on all the tricks deal with errors and here we have now put this course in front of you providing you an easy start for your cybersecuirity journey. We except that all the knowledge being taught here will be used only for educatonal and ethical purpose . Fratellos is not liable to any illegal activities performed by you. All the lectures have being made simpler so any beginner will get into the flow. However Hacking is not liited to this only it is important to understand what is hacking its purpose and how one can get liable for punishment.


  • Kali linux
  • How to stay anonymous
  • How to be an ethical hacker


  • Knowledge about hacking,programming,safety ,anonymous
  • Ethical hacking
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