Bootstrap 5 for beginners (and how to read documentation)

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Bootstrap 5 for beginners

Bootstrap is a frontend library and framework for making beautiful websites. It let us create a website at an incredible speed. Created by the devs at Twitter, this library has had a MASSIVE impact on the web. A good portion of websites you see today use Bootstrap. I can guarantee you have seen a website built on Bootstrap (probably even today!).

When you start developing websites as a freelancer or as an employed developer, you will absolutely have questions that can be easily answered. So instead of asking your friends, peers, bosses, etc. how to do something you can simply read the documentation and learn it on your own. This is the first step to moving away from tutorials and online courses and becoming a real developer. 


  • Bootstrap 5
  • Reading Documentation


  • Learning Bootstrap 5 to make beautiful websites
  • How to read documentation like a professional developer
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