Business Analysis: Writing Successful Business Cases

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Bring your business ideas to life. Build winning business cases to take to investors, bankers and clients

Are your ideas great but they never get the attention or approvals they deserve? Are you struggling to articulate, break down and plan on your business idea better?

Then you probably just need to polish up your business case writing skills. Ideating is great but if you want your ideas and you to win, then you need to convince others that your ideas are worth exploring and building out.

As they say, an average idea with strong conviction and great execution is 100x better than a great idea with lousy conviction and bad execution.

Ideas contribute to only 5% of the journey, rest 95% is execution and the first step to execution is a good business case.

In this course, we will learn how to take an idea and break it down to bite size components? And how to fill in each component such as:

  1. Business Objectives
  2. Problem and Solution
  3. Target audience
  4. Resources and Financials
  5. Strategic Fit
  6. Risks and Mitigants
  7. Recommendation
  8. Finally, Executive Summary

What all will you learn

  • What makes a good business case?
  • How do Product Managers and successful business strategy folks identify their customers and build their personas? We will learn the famous example of a Fidelity group company CEO and his customer (HENRY)
  • Is your business problem a vitamin or a pain killer? Will your solution be a good to have or a must have and how to convert good to have proposition into an absolute MUST HAVE
  • Estimating the market size or potential of our idea. Because simple ideas can also grow super big
  • Building a powerful and irresistible 30 seconds elevator pitch
  • Identifying the decision-makers for your proposal. How to influence them and win them over even before stepping into the proposal phase?
  • Spotting innovating revenue streams
  • Estimate costs with simple research even if you are not the expert in Excel or operations
  • Building sellable Unit Economics and Projections
  • Drawing out the ratios which convince the finance team to pull out the checkbook

We have 15+ templates and resources to guide you and help you write a winning and compelling business case.

Who is this course for?

  • Business analysts, fresh business grads or young professionals that have recently stepped into the corporate world
  • Consultants who have to turn their propositions/ ideas  on how can they make more money, save costs or make organizations more efficient into business case documents
  • Startup founders trying to evaluate their idea through a quick corporate lens
  • Business owners, especially small and medium enterprise owners, that are trying to evaluate and pick which of their ideas should they pick, invest and go deep in

Your instructor

Nimit Bavishi, CFA is a 3rd time entrepreneur currently running a Series A funded insurtech startup called Symbo Insurance. He has founded 2 companies before this, the first one he bombed. The second one he built basis a business case presentation and made the first sale to Colgate without a product (just a business case), raised external capital, won 20+ large corporates as client including Forbes 500 companies and finally exited to a large competitor.

He is an active angel investor, advising and mentoring startups with is 10+ years of experience of entrepreneurship and also investing at the International Finance Corporation (IFC, part of World Bank Group). He has co managed a portfolio of over a billion dollars at IFC before jumping into entrepreneurship.

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