Business Strategy Consulting Masterclass

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Deal Score+1
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Business Strategy Consulting Masterclass – Management Fundamentals for every Startup, MBA Student and CEO

Welcome to this Business Strategy Consulting Masterclass! Are you planning on starting a Business Degree and want to get ahead? Are you looking to get a promotion by being better trained and more valuable? Do you aspire to starting your own business or becoming a CEO? If you are looking for the most comprehensive, MBA level Business Strategy Consulting Course on eduonix you have come to the right place. Make sure you watch the first two Preview Videos to get a comprehensive overview of this Business Strategy Course   then decide if its right for you! Business Strategy is a cornerstone of Business Management Consulting which you need to study and understand, but I want to make it as easy as possible for you, whether you are a Startup or a CEO!


  • How Time Impacts Business Strategy – Life Cycle Models for Industry, Business, Products and Funding
  • Business Strategy of the External Environment using PEST and PESTEL Analysis
  • Strategic Planning using the Boston Consulting Group BCG Growth Share Matrix


  • Strategic Thinking using Internal/External Analysis using SWOT, TOWS and SOAR Analysis
  • Michael Porter’s Industry and Competitive Analysis using Five Forces, Generic Strategies and Value Chain Analysis
  • Entrepreneurship Fundamentals of Competitive Advantage using Core Competency, VRIO Framework, USP and the ADL Matrix
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