Create Flappy Game Mechanics with Unity & PlayMaker

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Deal Score+1
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Learn to program the interactivity of a game like FlappyBird using Unity Physics and PlayMaker visual coding.

This course is a gentle introduction to small interactive games like Flappy Birds or other classics. Instead of making a clone, we will only go through the game mechanics: flapping or jumping, gravity and collisions, using Unity Physics

The graphics will be deliberately crude: a white capsule and a few boxes. There are no textures, sprites, sounds or particle effects. We encourage you to make something of your own. 

You will need to know the basics of Unity: creating GameObjects, navigating the 3D Window and adjusting components. We will use the popular Playmaker extension from the Asset store, which is a visual coding system, providing a Finite State Machine implementation, requiring no custom scripting. We go through every step from scratch, although the final result can be downloaded as a package for you to study. 

So if you want to add some interactivity and make something fun, but do not know where to start, this is a good opportunity. And please share your results and make something unique.


  • Logical Reasoning
  • Analytical thinking
  • Game development


  • Logic thinking
  • Process flow organization
  • Unity
  • Playmaker
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