DevOps – The True and The Actual

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Deal Score+1
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Get enabled on the true DevOps and become an contribute to your personal and organizational productivity & efficiency

DevOps is a powerful approach but most misinterpreted with unnecessary buzz words, like most trends. This course will make your understanding very clear and simple and make you one of the strongest members in the shortest time.

This course will enable you to align and fully reap benefits of becoming truly DevOps enabled.

This course takes you slowly and gradually from basics to the full understanding of the DevOps with relevant, practical examples in a simple way to enable you to become a proper DevOps resource.

Learn from an expert who has worked across the world, done many projects and developed many products. You can not only get DevOps jobs easily but exhibit high performance, because of the holistic understanding of the subject.


  • Learn what is DevOps actually, away from hype and buzz words and become a truly DevOps resource
  • Learn the entire DevOps life cycle, culture and associated knowledge to become strong from within
  • This course will enable you to handle any type of project/development environment especially global turf


  • Many original concepts are driven by hype due to which the full benefit is not reaped.
  • This course is to redefine the power of DevOps back to it’s original form away from unnecessary Hype and Jazzy terminology inhibiting the original learning
  • You would clearly stand apart as a DevOps resource
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