Early Child Development: Deep Perspective By ilbey UCAR

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Early Child Development

Early childhood, defined as the period from birth to eight years old, is a time of remarkable growth with brain development at its peak. During this stage, children are highly influenced by the environment and the people that surround them. Early childhood comprises a number of life stages, marked by developmental milestones. Here, we define early childhood as the period from birth to age eight, although we also recognize the importance of quality prenatal care in early childhood outcomes. Ours is a definition shared by many leading national and international organizations. We end with age eight because it reflects an important developmental milestone. Age eight corresponds to third grade, a critical year for mastery of the reading skills upon which further learning will build and a reliable predictor for future education success.


  • What is Early Childhood?
  • Early Childhood Characteristics
  • Physical Development in Early Childhood
  • Skills of Early Childhood


  • Why is Child Development So Important in Early Years?
  • Developmental Tasks of Early Childhood
  • Development in Early Childhood
  • Examples of fine motor skills
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