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Essential Mathematics for Game Design

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Deal Score+2
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Learn to use common branches of mathematics in game design and development including Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Physics and Mechanics, Vectors and more.

So you’re a game developer or just someone who wants to learn math in a fun and engaging way. Math is an integral part of game design, while you can scrape by without it, having some math knowledge under your belt can be very useful. In this course, you will be learning everything from calculating vectors to rotations. We’ll be learning how to rotate characters based on the direction they are facing without using built-in systems. We’ll also be learning how to calculate directions from angles, and much more. We will even learn the start of how to generate procedural terrain through Perlin noise.

So why wait? Let’s get started learning essential math today, so you can create games in a much more effective manner!


  • Calculate vectors given two points.
  • The ability to figure out an angle of reflection or deflection given a point of collision.
  • Make objects rotate or move towards others without using the LookAt() and MoveTowards methods


  • How to differentiate vectors and points
  • Calculating rotation based on a reference object’s position
  • How to create box, sphere, and circle colliders and calculate their size manually based on the dimensions of the object.
  • Have an object rotate based on the ground’s rotation below it
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