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Game Development Masterclass Bundle

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Complete Online Masterclass to Become a Game Developer

Why This Deal

Upskill With Advanced Tools To Create 2D & 3D Games! 9 exclusive course on game engines packed together for a complete upskilling. Learn all the concepts, processes, cycles & tools required for creating 2D, 3D & virtual reality-based games for mobiles & windows. Build multiple trending game clones including Castlevania, Genius, Space Invaders, Ninja, Flappy Bird, Escape The Room, Soccer, Ghost & Others.

What you will learn : 

  • Learn the basics of C#
  • Create your own 2D game from scratch
  • Unity
  • Communication between C++, the Unreal Editor and Blueprint
  • How to develop your game for your Mobile Phone
  • Mobile Game Programming
  • Introduction to physically based rendering, Texel density and base materials
  • Node-based language of substance designer and creating base materials
  • Unreal Engine plugins, building the environment
  • Pseudo-modeling textures


  • Course 1: Create Your Own 2D Game with Unity 3D
  • Course 2: Build a 2D CastleMania Horror Unity Game with Sound Effects
  • Course 3: Build 30 Mini 3D Virtual Reality Games: Unity From Scratch!
  • Course 4: Unreal Game Development For Beginners
  • Course 5: Mobile Game Programming Using Unreal Engine :Build A Real World Game
  • Course 6: Gaming Essentials Training for Substance and Unreal Engine
  • Course 7: Unity 3D Game Development (2020) – From Beginners to Masters
  • Course 8: Unreal Engine 4: Top Down Shooter in C++ and Blueprint
  • Course 9: Create a Scratch and Win Game in Unity

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