Game Development with Phaser and JavaScript

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Deal Score+1
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Learn to develop cool games with Phaser 3 and JavaScript from the ground up!

Learn to make a game in Phaser 3 by understanding the fundamentals of the engine and game development. It is a powerful engine built-in JavaScript that doesn’t get in your way, allowing for platform-agnostic games to reach wide audiences on multiple platforms. Games built-in Phaser natively works on phones and browsers.

With this course, upskill with features like the physics system, event system, animation systems, and make a puzzle game that explores user experience and the animation system. Become equipped with the knowledge of various helpful external tools to enhance your Phaser 3 game design experience.


  • Game Design Theory
  • Phaser 3 fundamentals
  • Sequencing 2D animation


  • Learn how to set up your Phaser 3 game development environment
  • Learn/Refresh Javascript concepts that will be useful to our game design process
  • Build your first game with basic movement, collision detection, and an end condition
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