Gaming Essentials Training for Substance and Unreal Engine

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Gaming Essentials Training for Substance and Unreal Engine. Game Development Course with Substance and Unreal Engine. Learn to create various gaming essentials with this online course. Register today to master Game Development using Unreal Engine and Substance Designer!

About this Game Development Course

Just like playing digital games, many individuals have shifted their preference to developing these games. This has caused ripples across the game industry. Thanks to all the technological advancements, power of the cloud, high-speed internet, increased storage space and processing speed, the demand of game developers for creating addictive games has gone across the roof.

Every now and then, some or other game is being launched with the goal to win the market. Thanks to the competition, each of these games is better than the previous ones in some way. Apart from the creative side of game developers, one thing that played an important role in all the evolution, changes and additions in the game industry is the game engine and other tools that are used for creating the games.

One such engine is Unreal Engine which is globally known as one of the best game development engines for creating all sorts of games. It is famous for its graphical power and feasibility that comes in-handy for creating irresistible games. Considering this, we have curated this online course on Substance Designer and Unreal Engine to make you master in game development. Upon completing this course, you can easily create all types of robust and flexible materials for video games.

Why This Course Is Important?

This course will help you learn everything to use and leverage Unreal Engine and Substance Designer. In the end, you will be confident in creating various types of robust materials that can be sued in games by following industry-standard workflows.

This online tutorial will unfold with the basic introduction to physically based rendering, Texel density, Substance Designer and node-based language. Once the basics are done, you will start by creating base materials and then using the Unreal Engine for building the game environment. You will also get insights into all the essential plugins, material editor, pseudo modeling, scene composition, lighting and others.

What You Will Learn?

  1. Introduction to physically based rendering, Texel density and base materials
  2. Node-based language of substance designer and creating base materials
  3. Unreal Engine plugins, building the environment
  4. Unreal Engine material editor
  5. Constructing different types of layered materials
  6. Pseudo-modeling textures
  7. Scene composition, lightning and others.

If you are the one who loves to showcase your skills by creating irresistible games, then this course has everything that you need to hone your gaming abilities- Start today!

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