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Git & GitHub 101: For absolute beginners!

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Learn Git and GitHub for absolute beginners!

Welcome to Git and GitHub 101: The perfect course for absolute beginners! 

Absolutely no experience is required for this course. Together we will be doing a lot of fun things with Git and GitHub.

But first, we will spend a little time getting familiar with GitHubs website. 

GitHub is an essential tool for programmers and web developers to collaborate and work with each other. But more importantly, every employer out there is going to expect you to have Git and GitHub experience. And this course is the perfect primer for that! 

Even if you have absolutely no experience with programming, coding, web development, git or GitHub, this course is perfect for you! 

I developed this course to be the perfect beginner friendly course.

Give it a try, and within the next couple of hours I guarantee that GitHub and basic Git will make sense to you!


  • GitHub
  • Git


  • Create a GitHub repository from scratch
  • What is GitHub
  • What is Git
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