How to get a job as a web developer 2020-2021

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Tips, tricks, and industry secrets to landing your dream job

How to get a job as a web developer

In this course we are going to take a look at all the things! We will dive into the “source of truth” when it comes to taking advice from other developers. Because, believe it or not, there is A LOT of really bad advice on the internet.

We will learn about Git and GitHub, and why it is  important to know. GitHub used to be optional in previous years, but it is  so important now that job employers assume you know it. But is it more important than your portfolio website?

As some friendly advice I will talk to you about perfectionism, and how being a perfectionist can be extremely detrimental to your career development as a web dev.

I will also give you tips on how to find which skills are in demand in your area of the world. For instance, PHP is in high demand in Asia, but Python and Node.js are in higher demand in North America. Do you know if you are learning the right skills? We will unpack this fairly large topic and discover how to learn what the market is willing to hire you for.

Together, We will take a look at what companies are looking for in a new hire. it is  not what you expect, I can tell you that. Most people think, “I have to be super skilled and incredibly smart to get a job in web development”, but that simply is not true. Companies take into consideration much much more than that.

We will also have a serious conversation about your resume/CV game. Chances are you only have one or two resume variations. But in reality, you should have one resume per major skill.

In the middle of this course We will unpack the BIG secret to landing your dream job (or landing any job, ever). Spamming your resume will only get you so far, you need to go a level deeper to land your dream job. And I will teach you exactly what it takes to do this.

We will also explore tips, tricks and insights into what companies are looking for in a developer, what are the most valuable skills you can have as a web developer, how to rock your first interview, negotiating your salary and what you should be looking for, and what to do once you finally get a job offer!

Lastly, I will teach you how to earn while you learn: how to earn a little side income while you are learning to code and looking for a job: because we do not want your bills piling up while you take this journey to web development employment.


  • How to get a job in web development
  • How to maximize your reach and potential clientele
  • How to find freelance clients


  • How to get interviews
  • How to land your dream job
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