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HR and Management Bundle

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The Best HR Management Courses Packed in One Bundle

The HR & Management Bundle is a comprehensive and detailed study structure on Human Resource Management and its concepts. Loaded with 11 power-packed courses ranging from Manpower Planning to Corporate Governance and Recruitment Policies to Corporate Etiquettes, the HR and Management Bundle is your complete guide to Human Resources.

What you will learn : 

  • Manpower & Resources Planning
  • Hiring Strategies
  • Employee Turnover Management
  • Corporate Governance & Business Ethics
  • Porter’s Five Forces of Competition
  • Process & Steps of Management By Objectives 
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Benefits & Challenges of Human Centric Organizations
  • Recruitment Policies & Developing Good Interview Skills
  • Organizational Decision-Making Process
  • Building a Digital Resume Bank & Driving Traffic to your Jobs
  • Game Theory and how Managers Use it effectively
  • Corporate Etiquette Communication

Curriculum for this online courses

  • Course 1: Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Course 2: Leadership Morale and Employee Turnover Management
  • Course 3: Introduction to Strategic Management
  • Course 4: Management by Objectives
  • Course 5: Job Search Strategies
  • Course 6: Building a Human Centric Organization
  • Course 7: Decision Making Styles
  • Course 8: Recruitment Skills
  • Course 9: Strategic Game Theory for Managers
  • Course 10: Online Recruitment and Selection
  • Course 11: Corporate Etiquette
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