Introduction to State Machines with XState and React

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Learn how to build complex web applications and manage state with finite State Machines using Javascript and React

This course is an introduction to finite state machines built with Javascript. State machines can describe complex applications straightforwardly, which makes them intuitive to work with and less error prone. State machines can be easily integrated with React, which allows us to take a whole new approach for state management in React applications.

This course shows some basic concepts about state machines and their usage with XState. Also, it contains multiple coding examples, which allow students to have a better understanding of this topic.


  • Introduction to state machines
  • States, events, and transitions
  • Actions
  • Context
  • Guards
  • More on transition
  • Invoking services
  • Invoking machines
  • Delays

Alongside the presentations, we will also code some real world examples, like:

  • Video player with autoplay option
  • Fetch machine for handling async requests
  • Search component with debounce


  • Better state management in React applications
  • Building less error-prone web applications
  • Designing Finite State Machines with Javascript and Typescript
  • Describing complex business logic in a simple way


  • Knowledge of modern Web Development
  • Programming
  • Creating complex React applications
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