JavaScript for Beginners – Learn with 6 main projects

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Learn modern JavaScript from scratch.

In this JavaScript for Beginners course you will learn everything you need to become a confident JavaScript developer. Some courses only teach you the programming side of JavaScript, and other courses only show you the interactive side of JavaScript. But the truth is: JavaScript is an interactive programming language and you need to know both sides of JavaScript.

  1. JavaScript fundamentals  you will learn how to write JavaScript, where it is  applied, and how to execute it. We will  be looking at JavaScript syntax (the funny looking curly brackets). We will  also look at ways to easily debug your JavaScript code so you are not wasting your valuable time staring at broken code.
  2. Variables  A variable is a tiny piece of memory that is allocated in your computer. it is  used for storing a tiny piece of data, like your name, a number, or several lines of code it should execute.
  3. Web page interactivity  The #1 reason why JavaScript is so popular is because of its ability to interact with a web page. you will learn how to accept user input, change what your page looks like, and take an action based on the users action. This is what make websites truly interactive.
  4. Data types and data structures  Unlike other courses, in this JavaScript for Beginners course you will learn the different data types and how to use them. you will learn about numbers, strings, floats, functions, objects, undefined, null and more… and why they are important to know.
  5. Conditional statements  These are the little checkpoints in a program that make a computer actually do something. For example, if you are 18 or older you are allowed to vote. This is a real life “conditional statement”. It reads like this: if age > 18: do something. This is exactly how computers know what to do and you will learn how to write these.
  6. Functions  When you write enough code you will eventually end up copying and pasting the exact same code over and over again. A function lets you write a piece of code one time and use it over and over. you will learn about regular functions, immediately invoked functioned, anonymous functions and arrow functions!
  7. Loops  One of the most powerful concepts in computer science is the idea of a “loop”. Basically it lets you do one action over and over again until it is  told to stop. you will learn about for loop, foreach loops and while loops!
  8. JavaScript quirks  JavaScript has some strange functionality that other programming languages do not have. We will  cover several “quirks” together in this course and you will learn about things like hoisting, closures, promises, and block scoping.
  9. Objects, Classes and OOP  In JavaScript tHere is a special data type called an object. It lets you store named data points for easy access along with functions. In modern JavaScript we can write a class, much like other languages such as Python. Classes are a nicer way to write JavaScript objects. You can extend them, over write pieces of them, and reuse entire chunks of code: they are like functions but much bigger. And you will learn all about these!
  10. APIs and Ajax requests  APIs are inevitable in web development. it is  important to know how they theoretically work, and how to work with them. you will get hands on experience with a real life API and an Ajax request.
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