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JavaScript – Master JavaScript The Most Complete JavaScript Course 2021

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Master JavaScript 2021!Projects, challenges, JavaScript ES6, ES7, ES8 ,ES9, ES10, ES11, OOP, AJAX, Webpack,Laravel

*** The #1 Complete JavaScript course on Eduonix! ***

JavaScript is the leading #1 programming language and the question is do you want to master it? If you are tired of wasting your time and money on watching random YouTube videos or taking JavaScript courses that are not complete, simple, or complex?

  • Are you struggling to deeply understand how JavaScript really works behind the scenes and how to apply your knowledge to real projects?
  • If the answer to my previous questions is YES… Then this is the course that will change all of that. This is what you have been looking for so long!


  • JavaScript, Webpack, Babel, Node, NPM
  • 3 Amazing real-world apps you can code, starting from with both ES5 and going all to ES11+ (Real World Apps)
  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • JavaScript Advanced
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