Learn Python in Hindi

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Upskill with Python Programming Language in Hindi!!

The demand for Python has surged enormously in recent times as it has become the language of choice for AI, ML, Data Science & Business Intelligence across the world. This language has become so popular that a majority of developers want to learn it. And for this, we present you with a complete course on Python in Hindi. Yes, you heard it right; the instructor will teach you Python programming in Hindi removing all the language difficulties.

Along with the foundational concepts of Python, this course aims to teach you advanced Python programming by giving you detailed insights into functions, data types, loops, file handling & so on. Once you are familiar with Python programming, you will also work on a project involving web scraping in real-time.

Why You Should Learn Python?

  • 4 out of 5 developers claim that Python is their main language!
  • A Python developer can earn as much as $118,000 a year!
  • Python is one of the official languages used by Google.
  • On Indeed, you can find 2,000+ positions available and 6,000 more on Glassdoor (in the USA).

How This Course Can Help You?

It is an exclusive course wherein the instructor will train you for Python programming in Hindi. It unfolds with the basic introduction & all the differences that separate Python from other languages. As it will progress, you will get deeper insights into this language by learning data types, strings, slicing, lists, functions, sets, If-else statements, loops, loop types, functions & others.

Major Topics That You Will Learn

  • Intro to Python programming
  • Python vs other languages
  • Variables in Python
  • Data types in Python
  • Concept of loops
  • Conditional statements
  • Functions & file handling
  • Web scraping with Python
  • Project- Scraping reviews of Amazon products

Get started today to become a Python Programmer from scratch!!

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