Learning Kubernetes

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Master Kubernetes By Building & Managing Kubernetes Cluster Along With App Deployment!

Here’s an exciting course on Kubernetes, one of the most extensive open source systems that is widely used by developers from all over the world for scaling, automatic deployment & management of containerized applications.

This course will help you with interactive upskilling of all the important concepts, tools, applications of Kubernetes through a practical approach. This Kubernetes tutorial is suitable for all the developers who are beginners and want to master K8 because of its easy availability of services, tools, resource isolation, horizontal scaling, and other features.

Upon completion, you will have a comprehensive understanding & working knowledge of Kubernetes.

Why Should You Learn Kubernetes?

  • An infrastructure framework for today.
  • Better management through modularity.
  • Deploying and updating software at scale.
  • Laying the foundation for cloud-native apps.

How This Course Can Help You?

This Kubernetes tutorial entirely follows a practical approach that will give you in-depth insights on Kubernetes without wasting any time. Upon learning the basics & crucial concepts of K8, you will be instructed to develop the Kubernetes cluster and its management along with app deployment. In the end, you will be confident enough to work on Kubernetes for your upcoming projects.

Major Topics That You Will Learn

  • Kubernetes introduction
  • Kubernetes tools & features
  • Basic concepts of Kubernetes
  • Docker & container orchestration
  • Kubernetes security & networking
  • Building a Kubernetes cluster
  • Kubernetes cluster management
  • Microservice app deployment on Kubernetes

Start off today to upskill with Kubernetes in real-time!!

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