Learning Vue.js

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Learn The Fundamental Concepts Of Vue.JS From Scratch

Flexibility, scalability, handy-conventions, future-proof, progressive, popularity are the few terms that pop in most web developer’s minds when you ask them why to use Vue.JS. It is one of the most flexible techs that you can employ to develop modern apps without using a lot of resources.

Considering its importance & in order to train you to use Vue.JS proficiently for your projects, we present you this advanced Vue.JS online course that will teach you from scratch. This tutorial will not only train you for all the fundamentals but will also test your knowledge through a full-fledged project in the end.

Why Should You Learn Vue.JS?

  • First choice for web developers.
  • JS provides more flexibility & is developer-friendly.
  • It is a more approachable, versatile, and maintainable JS framework.

How This Course Can Help You?

Through this online course will teach you to use Vue.JS for web development from scratch, it is highly recommended that you have a basic knowledge of programming along with HTML, CSS & JavaScript. This course unfolds with the basic introduction to Vue.JS, and then gives you in-depth insights into the fundamental concepts revolving around Vue.JS.

As this online Vue.JS course will progress, you will get to understand the advanced concepts like components, APIs, Rest APIs, & Vue.JS router. In the end, it also includes a project wherein, you will be building & deploying an app over Heroku & Droplet.

Major Topics That You Will Learn

  • Introduction to Vue.JS
  • JS development tools
  • Fundamental concepts of Vue.JS
  • Responsive web design
  • Vue command-line interface
  • Lists & components
  • Composition APIs & REST APIs
  • JS Router
  • Testing & deployment

Upskill with Vue.JS to build & deploy an app from the ground up!

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