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Machine Learning Using R Bundle (6 in 1 Courses)

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Online Bundle to Learn Machine Learning Algorithms Using R

Gain Hands-on training with Machine Learning with R. Our Machine Learning Bundle containing 255 lectures will help you build powerful ML algorithms in R programming language. We’ll cover everything from basic statistics and data processing to decision trees, Artificial Neural Network, computer vision and many more. Opportunities in Machine Learning are rapidly increasing and we’ll help you get a slice of this pie with our Machine Learning with R Bundle.

What you will learn : 

  • Statistics Basic
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Basics of R and R studio
  • Classification modelling techniques of Machine Learning.
  • Building a Regression model
  • Decision Trees in R
  • Support Vector Machines model
  • Learn Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) in R
  • Build predictive deep learning models using Keras and Tensorflow
  • CNN for Computer Vision with Keras and TensorFlow

Curriculum Machine Learning Using R Bundle Course

  • Course 1: Machine Learning Basics: Classification models in R
  • Course 2: Machine Learning Advanced: Decision Trees in R
  • Course 3: Machine Learning Basics: Building a Regression model in R
  • Course 4: Machine Learning Adv: Support Vector Machines (SVM) in R
  • Course 5: Neural Networks (ANN) in R studio using Keras and TensorFlow
  • Course 6: CNN for Computer Vision with Keras and TensorFlow in R
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