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Mental & General Health Bundle

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Online Mental and General Health Guide

The Mental & General Health Bundle comes power packed with 20 exhaustive courses that shall help you to live a healthy life. In these stressful times of the Covid 19 pandemic, people are seen dealing with stress, anxiety, insomnia and many more such symptoms that are affecting their personal & professional lives alike. The Mental & General Health Bundle offers life saving courses on how to face the Pandemic by adopting skills like Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, Massage therapies, Healthy Diets and more!

What you will learn : 

  • How the “Imprint Period” has literally programmed you for Life & how to reprogram it
  • Gain new coping skills
  • Learn how meditation can help you destress
  • A basic foundation in Ayurveda & learn its secret part – Marma
  • Aromatherapy & TriDosha in Ayurveda
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • A healthy heart Course – How to Handle a Heart Attack & Prevent it
  • Skills needed to beat Depression
  • Concepts of Intermittent Fasting
  • Stress Management
  • Learn about a Vegan Diet and its Benefits
  • Everything about the Covid -19 Pandemic
  • A Full Body Detox Routine & Ayurvedic Massage
  • How to eat healthy to maintain your physical & mental health
  • The Ketogenic Diet – All about it!
  • Kettlebell Fitness Training & How to maximise fitness with it
  • Stretching and its advantages
  • The answer to Insomnia
  • Understand Yoga and learn to apply it in your daily routine
  • Deal with Anxiety & Come out Stronger
  • Carb Cycling & how it aides weight loss

Curriculum for this online courses

  • Course 1: Meditation For Beginners – Learn How It Can Help You, Too
  • Course 2: Stress Management Training – Stress Reduction For Life & Work
  • Course 3: Eating Healthy – Explode Your Physical & Mental Health
  • Course 4: Kettlebell Fitness Training – Easy Way To Maximum Fitness
  • Course 5: Beating Anxiety: Learn The Hidden Secrets Of Beating Anxiety
  • Course 6: Beating Depression: The Hidden Secrets Of Beating Depression
  • Course 7: Carb Cycling: Discover This SECRET System Of Weight Loss
  • Course 8: Coping Skills: For A Better Life!
  • Course 9: Mental Freedom: Freedom From Pain
  • Course 10: All About Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic Preparation Course
  • Course 11: Understanding Yoga: Education On The Benefits & Styles
  • Course 12: Stretching For The Inflexible – Beginner Stretching
  • Course 13: Ketogenic Diet – Look & Feel Amazing The Keto Diet Way!
  • Course 14: Healthy Heart – Strengthen, Heal & Protect Your Heart
  • Course 15: Vegan Diet – Healthy Lifestyle Course 16: Insomnia Solution
  • Course 17: Intermittent Fasting
  • Course 18: Mindfulness Meditation: The Path To Wisdom & Success
  • Course 19: Ayurveda Secret Marma Therapy Massage/Self Healing Course
  • Course 20: Ayurveda Panchkarma – Full Body Detox – Ayurvedic Massage
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