Mobile Game Development : Build Games for Android

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Learn how to build 3 Complete Games for Android in less than 3 hours

In this course, we will be creating a Retro Ping Pong game, a Bird Hunt game, and a Balloon Shooter from scratch, using only Android Studio and Java. So, open Android Studio, and let us make the games together.

Hi, I am Sandip Bhattacharya and I published more than 10 android games on Google Play. So, I happen to know a little bit about game programming and in this course, I will teach you how to make three complete games from start to finish, step by step. You will learn XML layout designing, how to create a custom View class, override onDraw() method, how to create an efficient game loop in Android, draw and animate Bitmap images, detect Touch Events, handle Collision between objects, play Sound Effects, display Score and Health Indicator, save Personal Best score using SharedPreferences, add restart and exit feature in GameOver screen.

I hope you will enjoy my hands-on teaching style. We have a lot to cover. So, Enroll now and start making games for Android.


  • Create an efficient game loop in Android
  • How to animate objects in Android
  • Building an android game by writing code in Android Studio and Java, without using any 3rd party Game Engine
  • You’ll be able to brush-up your Java skills


  • You’ll have a clear understanding of the Core Concepts behind a 2D Game
  • Learn Android Game Development Fundamentals
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