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Perfect Color Mixing for Acrylic & Oil Painters

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Deal Score+1
$10.00 $40.00 Buy It Now

Match color perfectly! Train your eye without boring color wheels!

Learn color mixing in a whole new way with this eye opening color course! Professional painter and best selling author shares her secrets for easy and quick color mixing. Mix color to perfection immediately while painting, without having to stop to check color wheels. Learn the difference between organic (modern colors) and inorganic (mineral colors) and why they matter so much in color mixing.

This course can be used for any painting style or medium, and benefits all arts disciplines where color is important: painters, photographers, sculptors, digital designers, interior designers and hobbyists. After taking this course you will mix color with confidence; know how to set up a palette for a wide range of color accessibility; and gain full understanding of basic color theory. This course provides optimal practice matching colors one step at a time. Along the way, you will learn shortcuts, helpful tips and tricks, including advice on how to develop and customize your color palette for painting.


  • Basic understanding of color
  • How to mix paint color to achieve the results you want


  • Three main categories of color: Primaries, Secondaries, Tertiaries
  • Your master six colors that will allow you to match any color
  • How to mix any color from the three main categories
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