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Scratch Programming – Basic to Expert

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Deal Score+1

Learn to program, create games and have fun in Scratch 3.0. For beginners, parents and teachers!

In this course, we will learn to code and start with the basics of scratch programming. Developed by MIT, Scratch is so fun to learn that it makes programming seem like a game.

We will Learn Scratch Programming by first looking at all the code blocks in each category one by one and then we will go hands on and make tons of fun games.

This is the most in depth course available at Eduonix as it not only shows you how to create games but also teaches you each and every code block available to us in Scratch Programming. By using concrete examples, it teaches you the difference between code blocks and why should we use one code block over the other. Gaining theoretical knowledge by watching lectures will then help you to think logically and with that knowledge, you can practically write your own code.

The content is designed to be fun! We will learn to create cool animations and create some of the most popular games: Balloon Pop, Shark Attack, Whack a mole, Alien Invaders, Flappy Bird and many more. These games are handpicked to effectively learn computer science and programming topics while having fun along the way. I will update the course on a regular basis with new content and challenges!

This course is designed for

  • Parents or teachers who want to give their children the best skills and most fun
  • Beginners who want to learn to code games
  • Anyone new to programming who does not know where to start

I had fun creating this course and really excited to welcome you in the growing field of Computer Science. Cannot wait to have you in the course!

The course is regularly updated with new material, tips and tricks that you can use in your games and projects!


  • Learn the basics of Programming
  • Program your own interactive stories, games, and animations


  • Learn to think logically, reason systematically and work creatively
  • Go beyond Visual based language and start with Text based Languages such as Java, C#
  • Understand complex computer science concepts by applying them in code
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