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Seth Godin on Presenting to Persuade

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$20.00 $80.00 Buy It Now

Build your business, make your point, sell your idea

You can learn to use Powerpoint or Keynote to make an impact.

Why is your deck so bad, and how can you turn it into an effective tool?

Instead of focusing on the craft of making slides, thought leader Seth Godin takes you on a journey to understand what your presentation is actually for. He will help you see that a presentation is a unique and powerful opportunity, a chance to be heard, a moment where you have the leverage to make something happen.

In this forty minute course, you will learn how to engage, how to seek enrollment and how to discover and integrate the worldview of your audience. This course will forever change how you give and consume presentations and might just save your organization from another ten thousand hours wasted watching useless bullet points fly by.

This short course is a radical rethinking of Powerpoint (or Keynote) and how you use a deck and a presentation to be heard.

Instead of focusing on prettier slides, you will learn how to use the leverage and attention you get as the presenter to understand the audience, enroll them in your journey and share your point of view.

NOTE! I am not going to try to teach you to operate the software. Instead, the course teaches you to avoid falling into the passive voice trap thats built deep into the design (and our expectations) of how people use Powerpoint.

We have all spent too much time watching (and giving) presentations that are boring, ineffective and irrelevant. Its time to change that.

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