Sikuli Automation Using Java and Python + 5 Kickass Projects

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Learn SikuliX Automation in Java and Python and create real world applications, Learn how to automate any Application

Sikuli is a free open-source automation software that uses image detection to automate anything you see on your screen. Sikuli is a Jython interpreter(Uses both Python and Java).

SikuliX or Sikuli is a scripting/automation technology that relies on pattern matching, and is available for use via Python or Java. Developed at the User Interface Design Group at MIT, is a powerful and easy to use technology that uses image recognition to automate just about anything that appears on screen.

Sikuli offers all of the functionality of an automation or scripting tool, but it also offers some powerful and very novel image matching functionality for truly novel use cases that revolve around image search. In addition it has an OCR mode, in which image matches are performed after converting those image patterns to text. This gives rise to some pretty new applications.


  • Automate Anything that you see on your Web Browser
  • Automate Any Boring Stuff using Sikuli


  • Learn Automation on real world applications like YouTube, Facebook, gmail, WhatsApp web, Amazon, etc
  • Sikuli automation in python using Sikuli IDE [Jython]
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