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Vue – The Complete Guide (w/ Router, Vuex, Composition API)

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Vue.js is an awesome JavaScript Framework for building Frontend Applications! VueJS mixes the Best of Angular + React!

If you want a fast and responsive framework for designing the front-end of your website, well then VueJS is the best one you will be able to find. VueJS is a light-weight, clean, data-driven, and reactive front-end ViewModel, which can help you get up and running on your app in no time.

Vue uses no complicated languages and relies on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It also does not have a steep learning curve like other frameworks is extremely versatile when it comes being adoptable. VueJS also works great with other frameworks and technologies, which means it can be combined seamlessly with other back-end frameworks.

VueJS combines the best of popular frameworks such as Angular 2 and ReactJS, allowing developers to build anything from small widgets, to even enterprise-level apps! You can even build a complete Single-Page-Application using this brilliant framework.

If you have no knowledge of a framework and have been dealing with chunky codes to design your website, well then this course is your savior!

This VueJS tutorial has been designed as a complete guide to help you not only get started with VueJS, but also is a great introduction to front-end frameworks in general. The course comes packed with not only information but also examples and projects, which means it does not rely only on boring theory, but actually gets you hands-on with VueJS.

This course starts at the very beginning and includes simple basic concepts such as what is VueJS, how does it work and then goes on to more complex and advanced topics such as state management, app deployment, etc.

At the end of this course, not only will you have become familiar with VueJS, but you will also be able to design your very own apps from the ground up!

What you will find in this course:

  • Setting up a Development Environment and Workflow
  • The Basics (including the basic Syntax, Understanding Templates and much more!)
  • Interacting with DOM (Rendering Lists, Conditionally attaching/ detaching Elements …)
  • Using Components (and what Components are to begin with)
  • Binding to Form Inputs
  • All about Directives, Filters and Mixins
  • How to make your App more Beautiful with Animations and Transitions
  • How to create an awesome Single-Page-Application (SPA) with Routing
  • How to improve State Management by using Vuex
  • How to Deploy the App And much more
  • Examples and multiple course projects to help you actually practice

So, what are Vue waiting for? Enroll now and become a front-end master!

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